Wednesday, December 9, 2015

VW Christmas

It's been a while since I have posted, mostly due to all kinds of family things (kids in band, gymnastics, etc).  But the Holidays approacheth and I wanted to comment about how being a VW fan around Christmas can be a bad thing.

You see, I am a VW fan which is clearly evident by this blog being in existence. However, if you have read my blog, I have a Scirocco and now a Cabriolet.  Both these vehicles are early water-cooled vehicles.  This is where my interest mainly lies when it comes to VW's.  I also have a fondness for the Karmann Ghia and The Thing.  Hell, I even kind of like the squarebacks and notchbacks. At shows I will look at dune buggy's, Beetles, Buses, and so forth.  However, most of what I am looking at are early generation water-cooled VW's.

So here is the problem.....when someone doesn't know what to get you but knows you are VW fan but is not versed in your specific likes (even sometimes when they do know) they start looking at some sort of VW inspired gift.  The thing is, probably the best known VW is the Beetle.  I get Beetle cars, banks, keychains, models, and so forth.  All Beetles.  I ask "Why?".

While some type of Scirocco specific items would be awesome, I'm not expecting someone to go searching for a gift that specific.  So, what kills me is why the Beetle.  There is so much more VW gear that could be purchased that is NOT vehicle specific.  There are VW symbol keychains, clothing, hats, accessories and so forth.  So for all you people looking to purchase a gift for a VW fan, you might want to consider something a little less specific.  Some examples below might help (as a note, none of these are specific examples of something I might want, but more of a general idea that there is more than the Beetle to look for):

So for those of you looking for gifts for a VW fan in your life, please take a look at something OTHER than a Beetle.  I even listed items that you should be able to purchase from a dealer.  

VW Patch I have yet to sew onto anything

Scirocco Postcard - This is AWESOME

VW Shot Glasses

VW Rim Christmas Ornament

VW Matchbox Cars (not a Beetle)

Micro Machines - This is pretty awesome too

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Time to Share

If there is one frustrating thing about the Scirocco it's looking for parts. The thing is, it doesn't share much more than the engine and drive train with any older VW. They almost seem to have a cult following. While I don't think I have any actual readers here on this blog, I wanted to provide a list of the sites I have used in my quest to find parts. Some of these sites will be extremely familiar (like Vwvortex) while others may not. If anyone is reading and wants to add to the list, please message me. One thing to note, all sites ship to the U.S. and these are not in any particular order.

  • - You would be surprised at the little things you might still be able to obtain from the dealer.  As an example the interior door handle trim broke on one of my doors and I was able to source the part from VW.  Just don't go looking for too many other parts as most are discontinued.
  • VW Vortex - The craigslist for VW.  Other than the possability of being screwed out of actually getting your part (this has not yet happened to me but did happen to a buddy), I have found more parts for everything from the body to the interior from this site.  Jut keep in mind, these are all used parts. 
  • Craigslist - I am not going to link to Craigslist since each region has their own.  I have found a few things here and sometimes widening the search to other areas will yield results. Case in point, I found someone about 3 hours away willing to ship me a headlight I needed to replace the one on a Passat that had hit a deer.
  • New German Performance - This is a decent site with OK prices on mostly bolt on items such as clutch kits and stress bars as well as some general engine components and performance parts.  I did purchase a Stage 2 Clutch from this group and the only problem was that they had the pins incorrectly placed on the flywheel. 
  • Race Land -  Good Cheap Coilovers...'nuff said. I'm riding on these. 
  • Techtonics Tuning - I definitely used this site often in looking for all the parts I needed to rebuild my engine.  Prices are fair and everything was complete and good quality. 
  • The Samba - This is another craigslist like site.  I have only purchased 1 item using this site but it's always worth a look regardless of the type of VW you have. 
  • MK1 Autohaus - I have bought all kinds of stuff from these guys (It helps the shop is only an hour and a half away too).  My biggest complaint is the high cost of the parts (granted most are hard to find) and the high cost of shipping. If the price isn't a sticky point and you need a part you can't find anywhere esle, more than likely these guys have it. They also have an eBay store. 
  • eBay - What can I say?  You can find new parts, used parts, aftermarket parts, and so on through eBay and usually at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.  I have gotten tons of items from eBay. 
  • Black Forest Industries - I have not purchased anything from this group mostly due to the high cost.  I have also heard mixed reviews on their customer service.  
  • Jim Ellis VW Parts - I have not purchased anything from them, however I have used all the illustrations multiple times when I didn't know what part I was looking for.  Good resource. 
  • ABD Racing Works - Not a lot for older VW's but has the occasional interesting items.  The descriptions are bland and the pictures are typically stock pics so I have not ordered anything from these guys.
  • APT Tuning - I have not had a chance to utilize these guys and with a carb setup, probably own't need to. 
  • Bob's Auto Salvage - If you are in PA and can get to this place, it's kind of a treasure trove even if you can't find what you need. 
  • The Bus Depot - All kinds of parts.  Could use better than stock images. 
  • USRT - All kinds of performance goodies from cams to fuel management.  Just expect a hefty price tag. 
  • Crazy Quiffs - I have not needed to purchase anything from this group dedicated to the MK1 Golf, but maybe you will. 
  • EuroSport - Exhaust, stress bars, ITB's. Plenty of products. Both my front and rear stress bars came from this group. 
  • - I have had multiple occasions to purchase maintence items from this group including thermostats and plug wires.  Not just for my Rocco. 
  • Kohl's German Auto - Local company.  They do have an eBay store for used parts. 
  • VW Heritage - Lots of older OEM parts.  Shipping from UK. 
  • Import Performance Parts - Couple of nice products but ultimately I could get the same things cheaper somewhere else. 
  • Quality German Auto Parts - Looking for a used engine?  Look no further. 
  • Rock Auto - Standard parts supplier but typically has more parts in stock.  Prices are reasonable.  Out of service parts are typically not available. 
  • RSJ Parts - Mostly Rabbit parts. 
  • VeeDubMachine - UK craiglist.  I have found at least one person who was willing to ship me something. 
  • ESE Tuning - Older VW's are not shown any love here but if you have an MK4 or above this is definately a good stop for Euri Styling. 
  • R. Miller - Body shop that knows VW's just don't expect a small bill. 
  • Ginters - Another local body shop.  I opted to have my car painted here. 
  • GEX International - Crate Motors. 
  • URO Tuning - More of the same. 
  • CARiD - Maybe they have something for you. 
  • Autozone - You should know this. 
  • Advanced Auto - Is this even any different than Auto Zone?
  • Pep Boys - I prefer this shop over the other two because they typically have a larger selection.  I almost always walk out of this place with something. 
  • Autotech - Definately worth a look.  I purchased my cams from these guys when they went on sale for almost 40% off. 
  • BBM - Purchased my carbs from these guys.  Plenty of performance parts.  Pricey. 
  • Show Car Body Parts - Mostly just informational.  
  • BKS - Lighting for my Rocco.  Ships from Europe.  
  • Parts Place - Lots and lots of VW parts.  Get the catalog as well, they have parts not even listed on the website. 
  • RPI Equipped - Tuning service.  
  • Scientific Rabbit - All Rabbit info. 
  • GTI16V - This is where I get my show info. 
  • Integrated Engineering - Engine Parts (some custom made).
I am sure I missed some but that is my list for now.  All those links worked as of 10:45 AM on 9/1/2015.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Blog Title?

Is the Scirocco done? Of course not, I still have interior work to do plus some engine bay cleanup so I will be working on it for a while. Why the possible title change? That's easy! We now have a 1992 Cabriolet we picked up as a daily driver for my better half :). It's a little rough but runs great. I've already started by picking up a brand new grill and crosshair lights, taillight bulb trays, side markers, a radio, and body trim. Basically we have a small project in addition to the Scirocco. Sooooo, I may be changing the blog name in the near future. In the meantime:

Car as we bought it:
1992 Cabriolet
The 1992 Cabriolet
1992 Cabriolet from front angle

As much as I like the dual headlight look, I picked up a single round setup with grill and eyelid, so that's what she's getting: 
Crosshair headlight

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Then and Now

Here's two quick pictures of the car a little over three years ago when I purchased it and now. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

June Bug Classic

Had a great time at the June Bug Classic yesterday. The weather was awesome and the drag races were great. My only two complaints about the show (and they really don't have anything to do with the show organizers or anything) is that the turnout for water cooled vehicles seems a little low especially for MK1 and MK2 cars and the vendors seem to cater a little too much towards air cooled. I don't know if these two issues are because the water cooled group isn't as notified, if the venue is too far away (frankly I think it's a perfect venue), or if the show was just originally catering towards air cooled that it has stayed that way. They are very minor things that aren't in need of fixing, more of an observation.

I was definitely glad they split the Scirocco and Corrado into two classes though. I see a lot of shows where those two cars are placed in the same class and I really don't think they should be since a) the Corrado is almost 10 years newer than the newest Scirocco, b) they are not even built on the same platform, and c) would never have the same engines (not counting engine swaps). I did manage to nab a 2nd place prize in my class. I was definitely out beat by the MK1 that won first. That car was nice. Be

Pic of the modified class (early so a few other showed after I took the pic): 

Here's a pic from the bleachers of the show field. I took it late so there are some gaps where cars and vendors were: 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Show Time

Unfortunately the Campbelltown Dust Off did not happen this year so the Volksfest put on by the Harrisburg Area VW Owners Club (HAVOC) at Mount Hope Estate and Winery (PA Ren Fair) was the first show of the season. I only have one photo of my car, my woman's cabriolet, and my buddies Vanagon all in a row to share:

Back from the body shop

I am a little late posting this but the car came back from the body shop Thursday. 

 We had spent Wednesday night painting the bumpers so they went on Thursday evening. 

I don't have a shot of the other set of tail lights I put in but they are cleaner with little to no wear. 

My biggest issue with the body shop was the sheer amount of dust that was inside the car and the engine bay. The car also will need a bath and some minor TLC to get some of the wet sanding grime off the rubber. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Halfway There

Just paid a visit earlier today to the body shop. I only took 2 photos but it gives you and idea of where it's at now. 

UPDATE: just threw together this before after shot of the lower valance. Notice how straight it is now compared to before: 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Bumpers

Tomorrow the car goes to the body shop for a new skin. Today, we are removing bumpers and lights. While the bumpers are off I plan on painting them and replacing the chrome trim. In a couple weeks the car will be back and I can start putting it back together. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prepping for Paint

So I finally made an appointment to get Rocco painted.  I was never looking to get show quality out of the paint job by stripping the car to a rolling shell and having everything including the door jambs and engine bay painted.  I am only looking to have any small dents and dings repaired, the 3 tiny surface rust spots cleaned up, and the exterior of the car painted basically the same color as the original.  After looking at a few places, I have selected Ginter's Auto Body to handle the painting.  Their examples appear to look good, the price is right (not too cheap like Maaco and not super expensive), they are close, and I like to give smaller shops a shot. Hey, if they do a good job I wouldn't have any problem handing out business cards or whatever at shows and mybuddy will probably go to them for his painting needs.

The appointment is Monday and so far I have removed a god majority of the exterior items that need to come off the car.  Those items include mirrors, body molding trim, door handles, rear wing, badges, and so on.  What's left?  Still need to remove the bumpers and lights. Getting excited.