Friday, November 8, 2013

The Beginning of an Adventure

My first car, well it was a Yugo that I received for free from my father.  Hey, it was a car.  But shortly after receiving it I traded it in on a car that less than 6 months later I would roll over over (and that is a story for some other time). So after saving some money I bought a 1982 VW Scirocco and I was instantly in love with VW.  I loved the styling, I loved the way it drove, I even loved the way it smelled of burnt oil, gasoline, and exhaust. Too bad the poor vehicle used more oil than gas most of the time and the entire gallon of iced tea I spilled in the back fermented and made the car smell like a brewery. I got rid of it but ended up with a 1987 Jetta I kept for a long time.

After many different vehicles and three kids I happened to come across a 1982 VW Scirocco for sale in Virginia with only 67,000 miles on it.  I bid on and won the auction on eBay, paid for the car, and arranged to have it shipped.