Sunday, November 23, 2014

Running....but winter is here.

The Scirocco is running and running ok. There is still plenty of tuning to do and there is a concern that the master cylinder may need to be replaced. The biggest issue currently running the car is the rough idle and the oil light that comes on all the time (probably because we have it connected wrong but the oil pressure gauge is really all we need). The car is back home with me. Most recent picture shows the newest air filters we placed on the carbs. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Warriors

This weekend was mostly dedicated to installing the engine into the Scirocco. Basic steps followed this weekend (This is clearly just a major outline as many of these tasks required multiple items be completed):

  1. Hiding headlight wires in frame of car. 
  2. Removal of old gas tank.
  3. Installation of new gas tank.
  4. Running custom fabricated gas lines.
  5. Hooking up all gas lines to new low pressure fuel pump, gas tank, and filler neck.
  6. Installing rear brake lines.
  7. Mounting transmission to engine block
  8. Ensuring all motor mounts installed.
  9. Installing motor into the car and attaching motor mounts (including fixing a broken mount point)
  10. Installing Misc coolant hoses and engine block related bolt ons
  11. Installing heater box back into the interior and running heater core lines.
  12. Installing Exhaust including header.
  13. Installing Carbs and additional fuel lines.
  14. Installing the Radiator, radiator fan, and remaining coolant hoses.
  15. Installing throttle cable and custom bracket.
  16. Installing new clutch cable.
  17. Installing spark plugs and verifying placement.
  18. Much, Much, Much more but you get the idea.
We are down to making sure everything is tightened up and running all the remaining electrical wires.  Additionally, since we removed the old 8v radiator and installed a 16v radiator, we still need to figure out best placement for the overflow bottle that was not originally in the car.  Once all the wiring is complete in the engine bay, we can run the oil pressure gauge wires, vacuum lines, and other heat related items inside and reassemble the interior.  Final step will be filling with fluids (oil, gas, antifreeze) and starting it up so we can start the process of tweaking. Pics are below. 

Old Gas Tank Removed

New Tank Ready to be Installed

Motor on Stand About to be Hoisted onto Engine Lift

Transmission Mounted to Block with New Starter

Engine Bay Before Motor Install

Cooling Fan Painted

Engine Installed in Car

Carbs Installed

Another Shot of Installed Carbs

Header Installed, Axles Attached, Lower Stress Bar Attached



Coolant Hoses, Throttle Cable, Clutch Cable Installed

Where we Left Off

Monday, October 13, 2014

Moving along....are we ready?

It seems like we have reached a point where we are going to have to get the car to the garage and start getting things the car. I'm not 100% sure when we are going to do that considering I will need to rent or borrow a car dolley. However we have the motor to point where there isn't a lot more we can do here at the house with the motor on the engine stand. The motor is together, we have test fitted the carbs to be sure that they will fit after we relocated the alternator and added the breather filter. We cleaned off the transmission and I'm pretty sure we have all the parts that need to be painted, painted. Below are the most recent photos including a before and after the of the engine bay (which still needs some cleaning but is coming along nicely). 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Moving along again

Yesterday we assembled the head. Installed the lifters, springs, valves, and cams. Once that was complete we installed the head onto the block. Pictures below include the head installed with the newly painted valve cover (not installed) sitting on top. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Just a quick post, no pictures. The head is finally back from the machine shop (incidentally I will NEVER use that shop again) after three months. Today we plan on installing the valves, springs, cams, and so forth. Let's hope this starts moving forward again. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Just a little more....

The slow agonizing speed at which this build is coming together has me equal parts annoyed and excited. Annoyed because not only is the build time taking forever but because most of my car is sitting in peices in boxes in my sunroom. I'm seriously short on room. Excited because at least we are taking our time and hopefully will have a nice build when done. 

So the bad news, the damn machine shop STILL has the head. We may be working on the block at the moment but without the head, there are certain aspects of the block portion of the build we are unable to research and review. The alternator being the biggest issue. Where and how are we going to mount it so it's not in the way of the carbs? Time will tell but thanks to Joe running out to Johnny's Salvage in Newville, we now have two different alternator mounting brackets to work with. 

So what did we actually do this weekend to the head? Well we installed the oil pump, oil squirter bolts (finally found mine even though I ordered more), oil filter pump, oil cooler, water pump, coolant housing, oil pan, and a few gears. While installing we were also cleaning parts in the parts cleaner and the wire wheel (a trip to the garage was needed for this) and we painted a number of the parts. So I am just a little closer but still waiting on the head. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

A long time coming

So what happens when you take your black and head to a machine shop with the lowest price? Well I have been waiting for them to be completed since 6/20 and as of Friday I finally got the block back. Whew so halfway there. I was out of town on Saturday so my buddy came over with the block and started prep work. 

By the time I got back Saturday evening, he had the block, valve cover, and oil pan conpletely prepped and painted. He had replaced all the little round block hole caps, installed the crankshaft, and painted/installed each of the crank seals on the sides of the block. 

Sunday we were putting the pistons into the block and attaching the rods and pistons to the crankshaft. The first problem arose when we realized we couldn't find the hardware for the oil squirters. Joe solved that with some other hardware from the garage but they were apparently a tad too big as the piston was just barely hitting them. Off on a hunt to three different parts stores and two hardware stores in an effort to find something that would work. Nothing. So we ground down the ends of the hardware and voila, everything is awesome. So we finished installing the pistons and rods. 

That about concluded the day since it took a while to get the pistons in, connected, and turning freely. There were additional parts that were cleaned and painted such as the oil filter housing and a coolant housing. Regardless, I feel as if progress is being made. Next up will be the oil pump, oil pan, and the aforementioned housings. 

Pics for fun:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Engine Pulled

In a bittersweet moment (actually a day and a half) the Scirocco went from having a motor that at least worked to having nothing at. It's actually kind of a scary thing when you get right down to it. The car is undrivable which means no shows until the new motor is put back in. 

We pulled the engine in the yard because otherwise I would have had to drive the car to the shop, pull everything, then two it back home.  Once we have the new motor I would have to tow it back to the garage. Since I do not have a car dolley, this was how I saved on renting one. At any rate here is the progress. 

Here we are just starting. Hood is off, nothing has been pulled at this point. 

We got most of the wires and cables out of the way here. While I don't need the wiring harness that was in the car, we took great care to keep as much of it uncut as possible. One or two connectors had to be cut but we labeled most of the wires. 

In this shot the radiator and fan removed.

Everything was going super smooth up until the motor mount on the passenger side of the car decided to give us problems. We eventually had to take the timing cover and pulleys off so we could disconnect the mounting bracket from te engine which then have us trouble as we were trying to pull the motor out.

Right before we pulled the motor.

Finally out! 

Once the motor was out, here is what we were left with.

After a couple hours we had most of the stuff from the engine compartment removed. 
Here is another shot of the engine bay from the from through the grill. 

We did eventually remove the exhaust and basically everything attached to the fuel system including the fuel lines except for the tank. The next steps are removing some of the dash inside so we can remove the rest of the AC, pulling the fuel tank, and lots of cleaning. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pulling the engine

FINALLY, this weekend we will be pulling the old motor out of the scirocco. Before doing so I wanted to post a quick before shot. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

June Bug Classic

This past weekend was the June Bug Classic at Maple Grove Raceway. I thought the show was a bit smaller this year with a much smaller turnout for the water cooled VWs. I placed third in my class but there were only 5 other vehicles. My buddy Joe placed 1st because in his class. I didn't snap too many pics but here they are. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Another Delivery

Surprise! There was another package at my door today. And what did it contain you ask? Here you go:

1. Plug wires (blue)
2. Distributor cap
3. Freeze plugs
4. Bearings (Rod, crankshaft, intermediate shaft) 
5. Timing chain
6. Thermostat
7. Stickers

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's like peeling a band-aid off as slow as possible

Ok so maybe it would have been better to just figure everything out in terms of what we needed, ordered it, then started. However, we are not that smart and like to do things in tiny stages for some unknown reason. 

Today I finally ordered all the bearings I will need to complete the block. That includes the connecting rod bearings, intermediate shaft bearings, and the main crankshaft bearings. I also went ahead and ordered a new distributor cap, camshaft chain, freeze plugs for the block, high temperature thermostat, and spark plug wires. I know it's a weird combination but I ordered them all from the same place. The next items on my agenda for purchase include the entire exhaust system, some miscellaneous coolant parts, possibly a new distributor, and possibly a new ignition coil. 

Also, as a final note, the block has been honed by my buddy and mechanic friend. Without his help this build would have either never happened or would have cost me way more than I have already spent. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Block Update

We are now beginning the process of re-cleaning the block parts including the block, crankshaft, pistons, and miscellaneous minor parts. 

The block is currently sitting in the parts cleaner tank to avoid it rusting. The crankshaft was also sent through the part cleaner and then lightly polished. It's currently oiled up and in a bag to avoid rust buildup. We measured to correctly purchase the intermediate shaft, crankshaft, and connecting rod bearings.

The final project completed was a base rust inhibiting base coat of paint on the oil pan and valve cover. Looking to paint each in the week or so the final grey and blue I chose.