Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's like peeling a band-aid off as slow as possible

Ok so maybe it would have been better to just figure everything out in terms of what we needed, ordered it, then started. However, we are not that smart and like to do things in tiny stages for some unknown reason. 

Today I finally ordered all the bearings I will need to complete the block. That includes the connecting rod bearings, intermediate shaft bearings, and the main crankshaft bearings. I also went ahead and ordered a new distributor cap, camshaft chain, freeze plugs for the block, high temperature thermostat, and spark plug wires. I know it's a weird combination but I ordered them all from the same place. The next items on my agenda for purchase include the entire exhaust system, some miscellaneous coolant parts, possibly a new distributor, and possibly a new ignition coil. 

Also, as a final note, the block has been honed by my buddy and mechanic friend. Without his help this build would have either never happened or would have cost me way more than I have already spent. 

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