Monday, May 5, 2014

Test Fitting

On Saturday we test fitted the cards to the head. While the carb kit comes with everything you need to make the carbs work in unison and get fuel to them, there is something to be desired. 

1. The manifold bolts are too long. This means I will either need to source shorter bolts or cut the ones included by about half an inch.
2. Is the carb actually touching the manifold? Just from the test fitting, we may need to trim a tiny bit off the manifold.
3. Where are the instructions? The packet that came with the set says it's for installation but what it actually is, is a guide to tuning them. Nice, but how do I put all this together? 
4. Lots of porting. In order to match all the ports in the head and manifold, there will be some grinding. 
5. The manifold is rough. By rough I mean clearly they just have a mold and don't bother to port/polish it all all so that is something else that needs done. On top of that, some of the other cutouts for the bolts are not pretty. 

Overall not horrible, most of the polishing would have been done regardless. Still, we wouldn't really know how much a PITA this is going to be until we actually start installing this in the car. 

Pictures for fun !

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