Monday, July 7, 2014

Engine Pulled

In a bittersweet moment (actually a day and a half) the Scirocco went from having a motor that at least worked to having nothing at. It's actually kind of a scary thing when you get right down to it. The car is undrivable which means no shows until the new motor is put back in. 

We pulled the engine in the yard because otherwise I would have had to drive the car to the shop, pull everything, then two it back home.  Once we have the new motor I would have to tow it back to the garage. Since I do not have a car dolley, this was how I saved on renting one. At any rate here is the progress. 

Here we are just starting. Hood is off, nothing has been pulled at this point. 

We got most of the wires and cables out of the way here. While I don't need the wiring harness that was in the car, we took great care to keep as much of it uncut as possible. One or two connectors had to be cut but we labeled most of the wires. 

In this shot the radiator and fan removed.

Everything was going super smooth up until the motor mount on the passenger side of the car decided to give us problems. We eventually had to take the timing cover and pulleys off so we could disconnect the mounting bracket from te engine which then have us trouble as we were trying to pull the motor out.

Right before we pulled the motor.

Finally out! 

Once the motor was out, here is what we were left with.

After a couple hours we had most of the stuff from the engine compartment removed. 
Here is another shot of the engine bay from the from through the grill. 

We did eventually remove the exhaust and basically everything attached to the fuel system including the fuel lines except for the tank. The next steps are removing some of the dash inside so we can remove the rest of the AC, pulling the fuel tank, and lots of cleaning. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pulling the engine

FINALLY, this weekend we will be pulling the old motor out of the scirocco. Before doing so I wanted to post a quick before shot.