Monday, August 18, 2014

A long time coming

So what happens when you take your black and head to a machine shop with the lowest price? Well I have been waiting for them to be completed since 6/20 and as of Friday I finally got the block back. Whew so halfway there. I was out of town on Saturday so my buddy came over with the block and started prep work. 

By the time I got back Saturday evening, he had the block, valve cover, and oil pan conpletely prepped and painted. He had replaced all the little round block hole caps, installed the crankshaft, and painted/installed each of the crank seals on the sides of the block. 

Sunday we were putting the pistons into the block and attaching the rods and pistons to the crankshaft. The first problem arose when we realized we couldn't find the hardware for the oil squirters. Joe solved that with some other hardware from the garage but they were apparently a tad too big as the piston was just barely hitting them. Off on a hunt to three different parts stores and two hardware stores in an effort to find something that would work. Nothing. So we ground down the ends of the hardware and voila, everything is awesome. So we finished installing the pistons and rods. 

That about concluded the day since it took a while to get the pistons in, connected, and turning freely. There were additional parts that were cleaned and painted such as the oil filter housing and a coolant housing. Regardless, I feel as if progress is being made. Next up will be the oil pump, oil pan, and the aforementioned housings. 

Pics for fun: