Monday, September 15, 2014

Just a little more....

The slow agonizing speed at which this build is coming together has me equal parts annoyed and excited. Annoyed because not only is the build time taking forever but because most of my car is sitting in peices in boxes in my sunroom. I'm seriously short on room. Excited because at least we are taking our time and hopefully will have a nice build when done. 

So the bad news, the damn machine shop STILL has the head. We may be working on the block at the moment but without the head, there are certain aspects of the block portion of the build we are unable to research and review. The alternator being the biggest issue. Where and how are we going to mount it so it's not in the way of the carbs? Time will tell but thanks to Joe running out to Johnny's Salvage in Newville, we now have two different alternator mounting brackets to work with. 

So what did we actually do this weekend to the head? Well we installed the oil pump, oil squirter bolts (finally found mine even though I ordered more), oil filter pump, oil cooler, water pump, coolant housing, oil pan, and a few gears. While installing we were also cleaning parts in the parts cleaner and the wire wheel (a trip to the garage was needed for this) and we painted a number of the parts. So I am just a little closer but still waiting on the head.