Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Warriors

This weekend was mostly dedicated to installing the engine into the Scirocco. Basic steps followed this weekend (This is clearly just a major outline as many of these tasks required multiple items be completed):

  1. Hiding headlight wires in frame of car. 
  2. Removal of old gas tank.
  3. Installation of new gas tank.
  4. Running custom fabricated gas lines.
  5. Hooking up all gas lines to new low pressure fuel pump, gas tank, and filler neck.
  6. Installing rear brake lines.
  7. Mounting transmission to engine block
  8. Ensuring all motor mounts installed.
  9. Installing motor into the car and attaching motor mounts (including fixing a broken mount point)
  10. Installing Misc coolant hoses and engine block related bolt ons
  11. Installing heater box back into the interior and running heater core lines.
  12. Installing Exhaust including header.
  13. Installing Carbs and additional fuel lines.
  14. Installing the Radiator, radiator fan, and remaining coolant hoses.
  15. Installing throttle cable and custom bracket.
  16. Installing new clutch cable.
  17. Installing spark plugs and verifying placement.
  18. Much, Much, Much more but you get the idea.
We are down to making sure everything is tightened up and running all the remaining electrical wires.  Additionally, since we removed the old 8v radiator and installed a 16v radiator, we still need to figure out best placement for the overflow bottle that was not originally in the car.  Once all the wiring is complete in the engine bay, we can run the oil pressure gauge wires, vacuum lines, and other heat related items inside and reassemble the interior.  Final step will be filling with fluids (oil, gas, antifreeze) and starting it up so we can start the process of tweaking. Pics are below. 

Old Gas Tank Removed

New Tank Ready to be Installed

Motor on Stand About to be Hoisted onto Engine Lift

Transmission Mounted to Block with New Starter

Engine Bay Before Motor Install

Cooling Fan Painted

Engine Installed in Car

Carbs Installed

Another Shot of Installed Carbs

Header Installed, Axles Attached, Lower Stress Bar Attached



Coolant Hoses, Throttle Cable, Clutch Cable Installed

Where we Left Off

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