Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Show Season

Well, the show season appears to be getting off to a rocky start.

First, the Dub and Rub was cancelled last year and there does not appear to be one this year.  The Campbelltown Dustoff has been postponed (and I almost thing that means cancelled regardless of what the organizer says....and who would call it Dust Off if it is not going to be the first show of the season). The VW Bash at Latimore Valley Speedway has been cancelled. I also saw that the Vanogons in the Valley show (which I do not attend as I do not own a Vanagon but my buddy does) was also cancelled.  So basically its my third show season and we have lost a total of possibly 4 shows.  That brings the total number of shows I plan on attending to five which kind of sucks.

If you are looking for show info go to (The link will take you to the events page).

I keep thinking I would love to organize a show but I would need more time to prepare, find sponsors, find a place to hold the event, and so on.  We will see, maybe I can do that at some point.

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