Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prepping for Paint

So I finally made an appointment to get Rocco painted.  I was never looking to get show quality out of the paint job by stripping the car to a rolling shell and having everything including the door jambs and engine bay painted.  I am only looking to have any small dents and dings repaired, the 3 tiny surface rust spots cleaned up, and the exterior of the car painted basically the same color as the original.  After looking at a few places, I have selected Ginter's Auto Body to handle the painting.  Their examples appear to look good, the price is right (not too cheap like Maaco and not super expensive), they are close, and I like to give smaller shops a shot. Hey, if they do a good job I wouldn't have any problem handing out business cards or whatever at shows and mybuddy will probably go to them for his painting needs.

The appointment is Monday and so far I have removed a god majority of the exterior items that need to come off the car.  Those items include mirrors, body molding trim, door handles, rear wing, badges, and so on.  What's left?  Still need to remove the bumpers and lights. Getting excited.

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