Wednesday, December 9, 2015

VW Christmas

It's been a while since I have posted, mostly due to all kinds of family things (kids in band, gymnastics, etc).  But the Holidays approacheth and I wanted to comment about how being a VW fan around Christmas can be a bad thing.

You see, I am a VW fan which is clearly evident by this blog being in existence. However, if you have read my blog, I have a Scirocco and now a Cabriolet.  Both these vehicles are early water-cooled vehicles.  This is where my interest mainly lies when it comes to VW's.  I also have a fondness for the Karmann Ghia and The Thing.  Hell, I even kind of like the squarebacks and notchbacks. At shows I will look at dune buggy's, Beetles, Buses, and so forth.  However, most of what I am looking at are early generation water-cooled VW's.

So here is the problem.....when someone doesn't know what to get you but knows you are VW fan but is not versed in your specific likes (even sometimes when they do know) they start looking at some sort of VW inspired gift.  The thing is, probably the best known VW is the Beetle.  I get Beetle cars, banks, keychains, models, and so forth.  All Beetles.  I ask "Why?".

While some type of Scirocco specific items would be awesome, I'm not expecting someone to go searching for a gift that specific.  So, what kills me is why the Beetle.  There is so much more VW gear that could be purchased that is NOT vehicle specific.  There are VW symbol keychains, clothing, hats, accessories and so forth.  So for all you people looking to purchase a gift for a VW fan, you might want to consider something a little less specific.  Some examples below might help (as a note, none of these are specific examples of something I might want, but more of a general idea that there is more than the Beetle to look for):

So for those of you looking for gifts for a VW fan in your life, please take a look at something OTHER than a Beetle.  I even listed items that you should be able to purchase from a dealer.  

VW Patch I have yet to sew onto anything

Scirocco Postcard - This is AWESOME

VW Shot Glasses

VW Rim Christmas Ornament

VW Matchbox Cars (not a Beetle)

Micro Machines - This is pretty awesome too